Startups often exist on a shoestring budget, lacking the resources and network to obtain the financing needed to achieve next-level growth. Without large revenue streams or proven track records, major investors often shy away from these types of investments, since it can be challenging to predict the potential return on investment (ROI). This dilemma is usually frustrating for owners looking to move forward with their business.

At Cloudshadow we understand this problem. We have built, scaled, and exited numerous times, so we truly appreciate the challenges startups face. That is why we are looking to help through our venture resources model.

What is Venture Resouces?

Venture resources is a model of venture funding that provides capital, plus professional services to help ensure the startups have a greater chance of succeeding. We like to provide both capital and services because we recognize that startups need both, just like we did.

We needed money to move quickly, but we also needed guidance and a professional services partner we could count on. Likewise, by offering capital and services together, we can support other young startups more holistically.

Why We Invest in Startups

We invest in startups for a variety of reasons. Mainly, we invest in startups to help brilliant business creators solve problems. We like people who build products and make their industry space better, especially those who are trying to disrupt the market responsibly.

We also admire and appreciate what it means to be an entrepreneur. We understand that entrepreneurs have the grit and determination needed to start these new businesses, and we like to invest in that potential.

If you’ve got a big idea and a business plan, apply for startup funding with us today.