Looking for capital, coaching, or services for your startup? If yes, Cloudshadow can help! Cloudshadow is a venture resource and consulting company offering early-stage startups support.

What is Venture Resources?

Venture resources is very similar to venture capital and may involve financial investing, but it is much more than that too. It goes beyond only providing funding and by offering services in exchange for equity. The services can vary but may include everything from software development to entrepreneurial mentorship and guidance.

In this way, venture resources is similar to a business incubator. By offering professional services, capital, and advice, venture resource firms can help new entrepreneurs start and scale their business quickly and more effectively.

Why Work With A Venture Resources Firm

Working with a venture resources firm like Cloudshadow provides many benefits. Besides the access to capital, the intangible value of professional services can’t be underrated. For example, many startups work with us to design new software for their product lineup and acquire the skilled labor they need to augment other activities of their business such as IT operations.

By partnering, we bring more than a decade of experience in solving complex problems to those who are just starting, thereby helping them not to make the same mistakes we did. Furthermore, by leveraging the connections we have made in the business world, we can connect the dots for our portfolio companies, which in turn helps them get a seat and the right table quicker.

How to Become Part of Our Portfolio

If you are interested in how Cloudshadow’s venture resources model can help your startup succeed, contact us today to learn how to become part of our portfolio.