At Cloudshadow, our team of executives have started many businesses across industries such as energy, software, fashion, and media. Through this experience, we have come to learn how critical it is to move fast. However, moving fast requires ample amounts of liquid capital.

The Critical Importance of Funding for Startups

We really can’t overstate how significant funding is early on. That is because startups often require seed funding to get started, but also require significantly more rounds funding to scale the business rapidly. Failure to identify funding sources early on in the process often results in startups that can’t disrupt incumbents at the rate at which they need to.

Why Do Startups Need to Disrupt Quickly?

The business landscape is hypercompetitive at a global scale today. Often times, the same type of product with a similar feature set is being built somewhere else at the same time. If a startup doesn’t get to market first and scale their customer base, they will lose the opportunity. Sometimes, even if they have a better product.

Common Startup Funding Needs

Startups need to fund many aspects of their business, but some of the most substantial cost centers to build and scale a great product quickly are:

  • Hiring great people that can build world-class products.
  • Investing in the technology infrastructure needed to compete in the modern business landscape.
  • Aggressively marketing the product to scale rapidly.

Does Your Startup Need Funding?

Cloudshadow invests in startups. We provide seed money and consulting services through our venture resources model to help startups get off the ground quickly. Please think of us as the rocket boosters to launch your business sky high. Get in touch if you want to talk about how we can help.