Startups have a whole set of different challenges than their more established counterparts. Between funding issues and a lack of custom business software, running a startup can be tough! However, it doesn’t have to be, and you shouldn’t handicap yourself with off-the-shelf solutions.

Why You Need Custom Software

Good software can help startups run more effectively. In many ways today, your company is only as good as the technology you’re using. To compete, your company needs to remain up-to-date on technology trends. Custom software from Cloudshadow can help you do just that.

Our Software Development Services for Startups

We know your business is unique. Why shouldn’t the software you use be as well? Cloudshadow will work with your business to address your individual needs. We can design and develop any software your company needs.

When you come to us, we start with research. We look at the industry you’re serving, the size and type of your business and many other factors. From there, we conduct exploratory research with potential users and translate the findings into insights that can power your business.

Throughout our UX-driven development process, we constantly prototype, build, and test to get feedback early and fast. This agile feature-driven development approach helps us ensure we are building the right product so that we provide the most significant benefit to your business.

How Cloudshadow’s Venture Resources Model Helps

Cloudshadow venture resources model can help by not only providing professional services to research, design, and build your software; but also to fund it. Through our venture model, we are happy to exchange capital and services for equity to help you get the software you need. If you are interested, contact us to set up a meeting.