Project Description


Artmatcher was founded in 2020 to create a mobile-first multi-sided social and education app to deliver real value modernizing the market for art.


The mid-market suffers from structural problems which are being amplified by the pandemic and the lack of modernization.


A socially based platform that expands the potential for parties to connect, build relationships and share knowledge about the art marketplace.

Creating Relationships with Art

Artmatcher is a freemium service for galleries, artists, and buyers to connect across the worldwide marketplace. By learning what users like, Artmatcher matches them with parties that offer their preferred style of artwork. It also addresses educational needs for buyers not well versed in art.

Artmatcher Screen 01

Curated Matches

The app’s matchmaking system uses a Tinder-styled swiping for instant feedback on imagery, an Instagram focus on connecting users through visual content, and a Spotify-styled learning machine to run the recommendation engine. The result is threefold: Artists receive access to galleries that have the services they need, as well as feedback on their art. Galleries receive connections with buyers, in addition to buyer feedback on their works. Lastly, buyers receive more knowledge about the art they prefer, where to learn more about it, and the option to begin a conversation with experts in that genre.

Artmatcher Screen 02

Personalized Education

Buyers, through a fun and engaging experience, increase their art education and are provided personalized content on their art journey:

  • About styles and periods of art
  • About mid-market artists
  • About the art purchasing process
Artmatcher Screen 03