A ‘2017: Market Landscape, Market Sizing, and Forecast’ report found that the compound annual growth rate for the mobile market is expected to rise by 15.14% between 2021. Other estimates state the mobile app market will be over $188 billion in market size by 2020.

These numbers clearly illustrate the opportunity available in mobile app investments, and at Cloudshadow we appreciate that opportunity. That is why we are prepared to fund and guide startups in the mobile app space through our venture resources model.

Why Choose Venture Resources for Funding

In a field as saturated and competitive as mobile apps, startups need to find additional ways to stand out and come up execute quickly, and here, the venture resources model thrives.

As we have previously discussed on our blog, the venture resources model is a great way to raise funds, while also getting the benefit of professional services that can provide in-depth guidance for startups.

A venture resources firm like Cloudshadow can help by conducting in-depth user research, building the product in an agile way to collect feedback quickly, and help scale it through digital marketing efforts.

Furthermore, our senior executive team has decades of experience that contribute to the success of our portfolio clients through their management and operations consulting.

Apply For Startup Funding with Cloudshadow

At Cloudshadow we are also looking to help others while helping ourselves. Our portfolio of companies and investments has made us one of the largest venture resources firms in the northeast.

To continue our growth, we are actively reviewing business plans of software developers looking for app funding. If you have an idea, you want to discuss, contact us today!