Financial technology or FinTech is a relatively industry that is growing substantially year-over-year. In fact, FinTech projects in the first of 2018 eclipsed $41.7 bn – $2bn more than last year as of July, 2018.

FinTech projects are an exciting and potentially revolutionary field for tech entrepreneurs. From creating cryptocurrencies to new apps for mobile banking, FinTech projects are one of the most exciting industries to be a part of right now.

Unfortunately, FinTech firms face substantial challenges from complying with regulations to managing the security of their products. Even more discouraging, funding for FinTech is becoming more concentrated among larger firms, meaning that smaller players are having a much more difficult time funding their projects.

Fortunately, you can turn to venture-resource firms like Cloudshadow to help fund your FinTech startup.

Why Choose Venture Resources for Funding

FinTech startups require granular industry expertise and connections to meet the needs of an increasingly complicated market. What venture resource provides startups is more than just funding.

With a team of consultants ranging from developers to operations, a venture resource firm can provide you with the knowledge and strategies needed to get your project off of the ground. That’s why many FinTech companies, especially, turn to venture resources funding.

Venture resource firms like Cloudshadow can also offer additional support from design to information technology consulting.

Apply For Startup Funding with Cloudshadow

Whether you’re looking for funding for a FinTech technology, such as a mobile app or new blockchain technology, Cloudshadow is here to help!

Cloudshadow will review business plans for digital software products as part of our venture resources model. Get in touch so we can talk about next steps!