In 2017, investments in the EdTech market rose to an astonishing $9.52 billion, a new record. Online learning is more popular than ever, and it has changed the entire climate of the education sector. This is because students needs are changing and they now require courses that they can access at the right time and the right price. This has created the need for innovation in the field of online learning.

However, significant shifts like this rarely come from entrenched incumbents. This has created an excellent opportunity for startups to move in and disrupt the industry by building affordable, fully-immersive educational experiences that can be accessed and completed on a student’s timeline.

EdTech Funding Challenges

Though investment projections are increasing for EdTech startups, getting funding or even knowing where to get funding can remain a challenge for many young startups.

Furthermore, levels of funding for EdTech are not as high as they are for other industries. An increasingly flooded market space and problems with content and scaling can cause some VCs to look the other way.

Furthermore, the education industry is notoriously slow to move on things, and likewise getting the traditional education sector to buy-in to an EdTech offering can be very challenging, especially before the collegiate level.

Venture Resources As a Funding Option

Since some of the more traditional VCs have often looked elsewhere for their growth opportunities, looking at venture resources consulting firms like Cloudshadow for funding may be a great option.

Not only does venture resources provide funding, but it also offers services to help startups grow. By acting as advisors to oversee the business as it moves into the next level, venture resource firms are a more thoughtful partner, which is useful when trying to navigate a tricky industry.

Thankfully, applying for startup funding has never been easier.

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