Founding a startup can be extremely rewarding. The opportunity to turn a startup into a lucrative business attracts many entrepreneurs who like building great stuff. However, founding a startup is not without its challenges.

Things like fierce competition and unrealistic expectations can spell disaster for new startup companies. Fledgling companies who lack significant amounts of capital can also be subject to issues impacting growth, which is critical when trying to displace incumbents.

However, tough as those problems are, they are also surmountable. If you’re a business owner looking to make your business thrive, there are a few characteristics your company needs to grow properly. Keep these five factors in mind.

Five Key Success Factors for Startups


We all understand how important it is to be in the right place at the right time. This is perhaps most important for burgeoning startups. If you push your product too early, customers may not be ready for it. Move to slow, and another company is likely to outcompete you.

The Team

It doesn’t matter how great an idea is. Without putting the right people in the right place, the business cannot succeed. Founders need to hire great people to do great things and get out of their way. While the founder is essential and likely had the original vision, the marketspace today is far too complicated for one person to make all decisions.


Obviously, your business needs a great product to make money. However, great products don’t just happen. The idea of magical intuition leading to a breakthrough product is a rare story these days. More often, it requires in-depth user research, with iterative testing throughout to build and market a world-class product that consumers love.


For a business to thrive, it needs a dedicated team, and to keep the team dedicated, the company needs a healthy culture. While it is true that all employees contribute to the culture, it is the leader’s job to craft the appropriate culture from the start. Fixing it later is rarely an ideal option.

Growth strategy

A business that is continually nurtured will continue to grow. One that is not will die out, and that can happen quickly. Business owners have to make many critical decisions early on. Sometimes that means investing in the company over themselves, and often it means identifying ample funding sources to be able to scale quickly.

If you startup needs funding or could benefit from professional services to address these other critical success factors, Cloudshadow would like to help.

How Cloudshadow Can Help

Our venture resources model was designed to help startup businesses grow. We contribute both funds and guidance to emerging companies, working with them every step of the way. If you are a startup, we invite you to contact us to see how we can help.