Startups competing against established brands face many challenges. Key among them is the need to scale rapidly to compete with incumbents or disrupt new markets. However, for startups to scale quickly, they need a lot of investment, from both a financial and human resource perspective. In short, it takes capital and hard work to launch a new company.

Why Startups Need Investment

There are many resources that startups need money for, but some of the most important include:

  • Skilled Labor
  • Custom software
  • Product development
  • Digital Marketing

About Cloudshadow

At Cloudshadow, we have gone through that process many times, which is why we have started a venture resources firm. We want to help startups overcome those obstacles by providing entrepreneurs with the financial support and the guidance they need to scale rapidly.

What is Venture Resources?

Venture resources is very similar to venture capital and may involve financial investing, but it is much more than that too. It goes beyond only providing funding and by offering services in exchange for equity. The services can vary but may include everything from software development to entrepreneurial mentorship and guidance.

How Cloudshadow Can Help

We follow the traditional investment model to evaluate whether or not we feel your startup deserves investment. We will review your business plan, including the financials, and determine if we think there is a fit. If your startup is a fit for our portfolio, we can discuss whether or not the deal includes professional services or just capital.

Send us a message if you want to discuss how we can help.