Cloudshadow announces merger with VeritroveESG & Sustainability services company to join technology firm

Tech-enablement firm Cloudshadow LLC today announced a merger with Veritrove, reuniting former deregulated energy executives, into a new venture which will build and operate a leading ESG platform.

“The Cloudshadow technology team is thrilled to join forces with Veritrove” notes Scott Stiner, CEO of Cloudshadow. “Our staffs have a history of innovating and operating businesses in a very customer-centric manner, and we are focused on scaling Veritrove in that same way.”

Since its formation in early 2022, Veritrove has been consulting with industrial, institutional, and commercial customers on ESG and sustainability issues from carbon neutrality to strategic product creation. “The US ESG market is in its early stages, but there is no doubt that it will see explosive growth in the next few years as brands and organizations look to future-proof their business,” says Matt Wheatley, Founder of Veritrove. “We have a unique opportunity to combine executive-level consulting services with advanced technologies, which will provide fast digital insights for cost efficiencies, business value, and market differentiation – not just compliance – for ESG and sustainability.”

Scott Stiner will maintain his CEO role of the combined company, and Matt Wheatley will serve as COO and President, with direct responsibility for the day-to-day operations of the business. Both executives, along with the staffs, reunite after a multi-year successful run at Taylor Consulting and Albireo Energy.

“Our business successes have come from identifying underserved markets and delivering those customers our premium services, so we will bring that focus and determination to these ESG and sustainability markets” claims Stiner.

“Over the years, we have taken great pride in fighting for our customers and that has led to long-term relationships and beneficial deals,” says Wheatley “keep an eye out for Emissions Tracker soon…it will help business customers with new visualized insights on sustainability opportunities and ESG compliance and help them transact in novel cost-effective ways.”

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